Our Convictions

These are the beliefs that guide and inspire us – our 8 Cs if you will.


We provide credible expertise of a high caliber, improved on constantly, and delivered with quiet confidence and professionalism.


Clear communication is powerful communication. In simplicity is great strength. We reject jargon and verbal flatulence, while retaining a love for rich vocabulary.


We will ask tough questions that need to be asked, and tackle elephants in the room. If we don’t have the grit to do so, recommended strategy will be frail and consequently our clients will suffer – which goes against our commitment to our clients’ welfare. We will therefore have the courage to admit mistakes, to point out shortcomings in processes and plans, and say no when we have to.


Kindness, empathy and concern for clients, colleagues and people are virtues we embrace.


There is always a new and better way to do something. We believe in constantly breaking clichés, altering patterns and exploring uncharted territory. Imagination and originality are important to us, but of course bounded by the parameters of realism.


We address problems with cool heads and a calm approach. In stormy seas, we will be the rudder of reason and a haven of tranquility.


We treat everyone with respect, politeness, grace and decorum. We believe it is perfectly possible to have a constructive disagreement without degenerating into rudeness and abrasive behaviour.


We act true to our professional, social and environmental conscience, and our belief in world citizenship, unbounded by race, colour, national origin, geography, personal preferences or spiritual beliefs.

We will not adopt underhand unethical tactics.

We undertake all work responsibly, using as a guideline the International Association of Business Communicators’ code of ethics. We act according to one unified conscience for one humanity and one planet.