The Verafluenti differentiator

What distinguishes us from the throng? Why would you do business with us?

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Real substance

The plans and strategy we recommend will stand up to logical examination. Our competence is backed by strong professional and educational credentials. You wouldn’t find many communication consultants who have master’s degrees in communication as well as business from American Public Ivy universities.


Strong foundation

No structure – physical or conceptual — will stand without a sound base. In this realization, we build our plans on the robust foundations of rationale, facts and data. This involves embracing the simple yet powerful questions, “why?”and “why not?”


Global perspective

Business is interconnected globally. Whether we like it or not, occurrences in world regions affect us. The events that triggered the global oil price drop commenced far beyond North American shores. Yet they affect lives and jobs everywhere.

Verafluenti’s substantial experience in diverse world regions allows for communication planning through a global lens for local, regional or international audiences as appropriate.


Constant improvement

Just because something has worked well once does not mean there isn’t a better way of doing it. Never resting on laurels, Verafluenti strives for continuous improvement of organizational communication in the spirit of kaizen.


Strategy for ground realities

Our consultants have worked their way from the ground up. We understand journalistic writing, graphic design concepts, print shop requirements, operations, distribution and fulfillment. We are able to discuss the colour wheel, the golden ratio and software shortcut key strokes with designers; or AP Style specifics, the inverted pyramid and modified summary leads with writers.

We are just as comfortable setting communication goals, key messages, identifying desired audience response and risks, and deciding impact parameters with senior executives. Most importantly, we understand business management as a whole. Verafluenti develops strategy to help achieve organizational goals.

Verafluenti develops strategy which is also practical and accounts for ground realities.