Other projects 

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Admin newsletter to global magazine

Initially, a client’s office newsletter was produced by administrative assistants as a quick, easy, and fun way to list events, new hires and the like.

In terms of design and feel, this newsletter was akin to elementary school projects, and as such did not make much of an impact.

Our chief consultant turned this odd-numbered, clip-art-sporting, hand-stapled, clerically-prepared local office newsletter into a high-end magazine with high production values distributed globally.

Applying journalistic (Associated Press) standards to interviewing and writing, news and stories were modeled on reputed world newspapers. This placed the company publication on par with what the audience was reading outside the office.

Recognizing that any office publication is in competition with professionally-produced magazines, the design element was enhanced. A colour scheme, fonts, white space and image standards were established.

Themes were introduced for each issue; and intensive planning tackled a year’s worth of issues and themes.

A professional photo shoot (reflective of the prevalent theme) was organized for each issue’s cover, which became something the audience anticipated eagerly.

Working with a stellar print house on paper choice and stitching, our consultant was able to have the print version match professional magazine standards.

Several features were developed and written with contributors in different countries, increasing the appeal and relevance of the content to first a regional, then national, and finally global scale. As a logical corollary, the diameter of distribution increased – from the local office to regional offices to national offices and finally to offices across the world.

It remained one of the most recognized and valued communication vehicles (in unaided and aided recall).

Distributed primarily in electronic format, a limited print edition became popular and reiterated the value of print communication to supplement e-communication.

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