The story of our logo

Much thought and hair-pulling preceded the crystallization of our logo. 

The flowing nature of “Verafluenti” finds rendition in our logo. The flourishes at the top of the “V”denote the flow of creativity and ideas at the open end of the campaign — the exploration, discussion and information-gathering stage.

A closer examination will reveal a shaded-in stylized 8 in the recesses on either side of the central anchor. This of course refers to our 8 Cs, our convictions and guiding inspiration.

The bottom end of the “V” ends in a coloured dot, placed in the center of a line. This indicates the concentrated and aligned efforts to reach a set goal. 

The smaller flourishes proclaim the presence of a creative flow at this stage too, albeit to a smaller degree – as is required for intense focus on the goal.

The fonts used represent a mix of the classic (we do like the Art Deco era) and the modern – to mirror our own approach to communication management, which seeks to explore new possibilities while remaining rooted in research-based concepts.