Verafluenti provides strategic communication management consulting to organizations with a social conscience.

Our primary service market is Canada and the United States, but we have expertise in and are open to opportunities across Europe and Asia. 

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Podcast: Developing communication strategy

How do you navigate communication in a changing landscape where digital and traditional media co-exist and demographics are shifting? Will humans still be relevant for communication with the rise of Artificial Intelligence?
This podcast tackles these and more with veteran PR and communication expert Mr. Shafiq Jamal, principal of Jamal Communications in Vancouver, Canada. Please click the PLAY button to listen. Running time: 38:08″.

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Our services

We provide clients an efficient palette of strategic and tactical offerings on a strong technical foundation.

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Book release: ‘Sensible Corporate Practices for Better Relations’

Our new book highlights counterproductive organizational practices that affect relations and reputation; and proposes remedial measures. For the visionary executive, the enlightened manager, and the frontline employee.

Now available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon worldwide.


Our blog

We write about our experiences, lessons, and thoughts on public relations, communication, people management, graphic design, workplace practices and … just life in general. We invite you to join the conversation. 

Resources for the practitioner & the student

Our “doors” page  offers recommended reading, a list of professional associations by country, top PR and advertising agencies in the world, speeches, etc.

What’s rippling ?

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Defining communication management

Our definition of communication management is likely different from the narrow label of press agentry. Please click here to view our blog post which elaborates on this point.

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Several of our blog posts are available for a nominal price as downloadable print-ready PDF in our store.

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