Content sharing guidelines

As a reader, you are welcome to share this post in its entirety on social networks, classrooms, company discussions, etc. with appropriate attribution to Verafluenti Communication Inc., and inserting a link to With such attribution, you may also quote parts of this post so long as such quoting does not alter the original meaning and intent of the text.  


Blog etiquette

Posts on this blog represent the opinions of Verafluenti, based on the experience and perceptions of its consultants.

Verafluenti respects freedom of speech. However we believe freedom of speech is a privilege to be used prudently and solemnly.

As such, we request you to please use decent, courteous language.

This blog will adhere to the convictions (please view our 8 Cs) that guide Verafluenti. The moderator reserves the right to remove any comments that may be considered offensive to people of any race, colour, national origin, geography, personal preferences or spiritual belief. The moderator may also blacklist and/or expel from the forum people engaging in such behaviour. All comments must be respectful and must not be vitriolic.

This apart, Verafluenti welcomes active discussion, critiques and thoughts.

Please email the blog administrator if you have any questions or concerns.

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